Magitator – Magnetic Mixer for Pharma, Food & Chemical industry

Requirements for the mixing equipment to be used depend on specific characteristics such as viscosity and density which vary considerably.

To keep the product homogeneous our Magitator, a magnet driven mixer, is the right choice. Certain additives and solids can be mixed in when injected into the zone of the mixing head.

Opting for the Magitator ensures that the tank can remain hermetically closed under highly sanitary conditions. The open design of the mixing head ensures an optimum flow for easy cleaning and efficient mixing. The cleanability of the magitator is compliant with the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements. Zero-emission is ensured and in addition the absence of a mechanical seal considerably cuts down on maintenance costs.

The Magitator can be mounted as a side or bottom entry mixer. Depending on the process and product requirements a motor will be selected from a power range of 0,5 – 11 kW.

All brands of Motor/gearbox drives can be supplied as well as explosion-proof motors up to ATEX Zone 1. In principle the Magitator is of standard design, however the mixer can be custom-made and adapted to your process.


Blending and keeping homogeneous, mixing in small quantities of solids/additives

Type of End Product

Juices from concentrate – Regular juices – Alcohols/minerals – Synthetic oils/monomers/pesticides/herbicides/organic solvents/glycols/bio ethanol


Keeping homogeneous in aseptic storage tanks – Dilution of the base product

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