MSB Sealless

Sanitary Magnetic Mixers

  • Free draining, open impellor with high flow, low shear blade.
  • Highly polished wetted parts in 316L SS
  • All stainless drives and motors available
  • Electric and air motors to 5 HP
  • All FDA, USDA, and USP approval materials
  • Independently tested for cleanability and particle shedding
  • Able to mix volumes to 30,000 liters
  • Validatable using documents provided
  • No maintenance design
  • CIP/SIP sterilizable
  • Magnets cannot decouple
  • Pure silicon carbide and PEEK bushings
  • Robust, one piece weld plate
  • Available with speed sensor and tachometers for variable speed


  • Biotech
  • CIP
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Injectable
  • Vaccines
  • Cell Cultures
  • Protein Fractionations

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